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About Us

PrimeKey Pty. Ltd. develops and provides software that organizes emails, documents, projects and tasks - simply the most easy-to-use time saver for your desktop. This new breed of software is also known as "Customer Relationship Management (CRM)", "Business Process Management (BPM)", "Workflow Management" or even "Workgroup Collaboration" software. Our goal is to give people back the one asset needed more than anything else: extra time!

PrimeKey Pty. Ltd. has delivered workflow management solutions for companies in Finance, Engineering, Professional Services and the Automotive Industry.

With strong values in Primekey's belief that the operation and success of a business comes from within and that the satisfaction of employees impacts directly on this belief, PrimeKey Pty. Ltd. strives to uphold these beliefs in all the tools and services they deliver.

PrimeKey Pty. Ltd. is a 100% Australian owned company with its head office located in Perth, Western Australia.

PrimeKey Pty. Ltd.
P.O. Box 8023
PERTH, Western Australia 6849
ABN: 40 089 251 810
Tel: + 61 414 800 888