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About Us

PrimeKey Pty. Ltd. (PrimeKey) is a 100% Australian owned company with its head office located in Perth, Western Australia.

PrimeKey specialises in research and development, with a focus on automation using advanced technology.

"PrimeKey CRM" was PrimeKey's first commercial product that managed the automation of tasks, projects, emails and documents using a single "sign-on" interface.

Currently, PrimeKey's focus is on NOS; a highly automated job management solution for the automotive industry. It can be used by small companies or multi-national franchisees and incorporates vehicle tracking, IoT and Business Process Management (BPM).

Primekey believes that the operation and success of a business comes from within and that the satisfaction of employees impacts directly on this belief.

PrimeKey Pty. Ltd.
1910 Beach Road
Malaga, Western Australia 6090
ABN: 40 089 251 810
Tel: + 61 8 9248 0005